Upcoming Taste The Race Events 

 Spring 2022 
 7pm - 10pm 
 Miami Location: TBD 

 Miami Ticket Sales Start September 2021: 

Start Your Stomachs
Cause we are coming to Miami!!


What is Taste The Race?

Taste The Race is the only Luxury Event of its kind in the world catering primarily to Formula One Enthusiasts, Racing Fans & Food/Restaurant Connoisseurs.


We have scoured the globe to bring you some of the tastiest delightful meals from the finest restaurants in each city.


Taste the Race is a great place to meet fellow Formula One enthusiasts, talk about the race, enjoy delicious foods, drink & be merry.


After years of attending the F1 Races we decided there were no refined inclusive events open to the public during F1 Weekend for all to attend and so we created this event to add more flavor and fun to your F1 Weekend experience.

Taste The Race is a luxury restaurant & liquor tasting event with different cuisines created by well-known local high end chefs in each Formula One host city.

Entertainment varies from Present & Former Formula One Race Car Driver's, Commentators, & the like from around the track.

Guests will wine & dine with their fellow F1 Enthusiasts and enjoy hospitality from luxury hand picked sponsors.

Discover new restaurants, flavors, and have fun.

A night of networking, relaxation, fun, and sensational tastes awaits you.

We hope you enjoy!

- The Team


Introducing our new Master of Ceremonies: Carl Ducena


Actor/ Producer/ Entrepreneur/ Host/ Emcee/ Motivational Speaker. 


Carl Ducena was born and raised

in New York City and divides his time between there,

Miami FL, and  Houston TX.  


Carl went for his dream to become an actor and succeeded where many have not, thanks to the Inspiration that he received from Acting Mom Joyce Payne and his childhood friend Carl Anthony Payne who starred in such Hit TV Shows as the Cosby Show and Martin. 


Carl Ducena has appeared in countless film and television shows and is currently working on several independent projects and strengthening his union affiliations. 


His star is just getting

brighter, and he has no plans of

stopping anytime soon. 


Carl’s true passion is sharing his gifts with others through his motivational speaking and his amazing stage presence, yet he didn’t fully tap into all his blessings until he and his wife Tina Chandler met.  


Together, they realized they are stronger and can make a bigger change in this world reminding everyone that it’s NORMAL TO BE FIT®  !!!!


In his own words:

“Let’s Awaken and

Inspire the World. We

can and we will achieve

our Visions, Dreams, Plans and

Goals. If we don’t believe in ourselves,who will? 

Bottom Line"


OWN IT  !!!!”

~Carl Ducena

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