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 Saturday July 10th 2020 7-10pm 

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New York City is known all around the world as: "The City that never sleeps." NYC is a melting pot of the finest food from every culture and anything imaginable anywhere you can get it here! And the centerpiece is the finest entertainment in the world: Broadway, Madison Square Garden, and now fairly new is the Formula E  Grand Prix Race: an all-electric F1 style race. The Brooklyn Circuit is home to Formula E in the USA, as the teams and drivers battle for the Championship title in the shadow of Lower Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty. NYC is filled with and known for it’s Class, Style, & Delicious Cuisines which is where our Gotham story begins. Come join us for food, fun, networking and an unforgettable night at NYC's best food drink tasting event.

We are closing monitoring the COVID-19 situation in NYC but are speculating the race will still continue. 

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