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 Miami Tickets On Sale Now!  

 Saturday May 7th, 2022  Time 7-10pm 

Miami Purchase Tickets.png

Miami Florida is known for its eclectic live-music scene centered around country, blues and rock. It's many parks and lakes are popular for hiking, biking, swimming and boating. Formula One's Circuit of the Americas raceway will host the United States Grand Prix for the next 10 years. Formula One will be the main event every year that makes Miami come completely alive for a nonstop good time. It is full of beautiful historic buildings. It is an important centre of commerce, aerospace, transport, finance, pharmaceuticals, technology, design, education, art, culture, tourism, food, fashion, gaming, film, and world affairs. There are many beautiful neighborhoods to visit in Miami. Miami is filled with and known for it’s Class, Style, & Delicious Cuisines which is where our story begins.

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